Balance Tables

Anti-Vibration Balance Table

The balance table is used for analytical balances and other sensitive measuring equipment. Advancelab’s Balance Tables provide superior stability for highly calibrated equipment. A heavy slab of concrete is specially mounted on a supporting construction. The supporting construction for the slab is vibration isolated from outer worktop.


Gas Cabinet
  • Two thickness of table top, 20mm and 60mm
  • Fabricated with 75mm x 75mm epoxy powder coated galvanized steel
  • An electro-galvanized steel lateral support beam adds strength and rigidity
  • Superior load bearing capability and the rigidity necessary to support sensitive calibrated insrumentation
  • Anti vibration leg reduces vibrations going into the floor or table
  • Table top has a granite surface
  • Excellent acid, alkali and corrosion proof performance
  • Resistance to temperature as high as 1200˚C
  • Eco-friendly and space saving
  • Easy to clean and maintain

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Size (LxDxH) 600 mm x 600mm x 900mm 900 mm x 600mm x 900mm 900 mm x 900mm x 900mm 1200 mm x 600mm x 900mm
  • 60mm thick granite top
  • 75mm x 75mm square tube heavy duty construction with epoxy powder coating
  • 80mm diameter anti-vibration legs





Front View

Balance Tables

Side View

Balance Tables
  1. 60mm thick granite top
  2. 80mm diameter anti-vibration legs
  3. 75mm x 75mm square tube construction with epoxy powder coating