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Wet scrubbers are designed to remove water-soluble compounds from exhaust streams. Advancelab manufactures two types:

  • MiniLab® - a closed system comprising of a scrubber unit mounted above the fume hood and a holding tank below
  • MaxiLab® - a stand-alone unit that can be remotely located

MiniLab® can be utilised for individual hoods only. They allow flexibility and are convenient to install.

MaxiLab® can be used for a series of hoods and are available in two sizes for this application.

Units can be manufactured in PVC or PP sheet utilizing “hot weld” fabrication. All units come with a chemical resistant pump, sanitary and water connections and a skid tray where specified.

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Description 2 part system

  • Mini Scrubber (above hood)
  • Holding Tank (in base cabinet)
Stand alone Stand alone
Dimensions, mm
(L x D x H)
Mini Scrubber

  • 600mm x 600mm x 800mm

Holding Tank

  • 1000mm x 500mm x 500mm
  • 700mm x 700mm x 1500mm Excluding skid and plumbing connections
  • 900mm x 900mm x 1800mm Excluding skid and plumbing connections
Construction PVC or PP using “hot melt” fabrication techniques

Srubbing Media Tellerettes® Tower Packing - has a unique patented toroidal helix design that makes them dramatically more efficient than conventional packings in a wide range of mass transfer and particulate collections applications

  • High solid particle loading
  • Constantly renews and exposes liquid to the gas flow
  • High efficiency
  • Injection moulded Polypropylene

Mist Eliminators Advancelab mist eliminators remove liquid entrainment from gas streams, providing high efficiency and low-pressure drops
Viewing Windows 1 2 2
Chemical Pump Included
Duct Connections 250mm 250mm Please advise factory


MiniLab® Wet Scrubber

Front View

General Purpose Fume Hood
  1. Mini Scrubber (Spray Module)
  2. Holding Tank
  3. Chemical Pump


MaxiLab® 1000 Wet Scrubber

Front View

General Purpose Fume Hood

Side View

General Purpose Fume Hood
  1. 25mm Dia PVC Pipe
  2. Tellerette Scrubbing Media
  3. Viewing Glass (Opening for Adjusting
    the Float)
  4. 15mm Dia Incoming Water Supply
  5. Water Float
  6. Chemical Water Pump
  7. 2” Thk Mist Eliminator
  8. Opening for Changing Scrubbing Media
  9. Holding Tank
  10. Exhaust Outlet
  11. 40mm Dia Discharge with a Ball Valve
  12. PP Tray
  13. Overflow Pipe