Fume Hoods

AmanAire Fume Hood


Fume hoods represent the primary line of defense for personnel from exposure to harmful, toxic and dangerous fumes or chemicals as they are produced.

AmanAire fume hoods by Advancelab have been manufactured to provide the economical and highest levels of safety for laboratory personnel.


AmanAire Fume Hood
  • Single layered design
  • Industrial grade galvanised steel & phenolic resin construction
  • Ergonomic slope-away front fascia
  • Heavy epoxy powder coated finish to withstand harsh laboratory environments
  • Dished phenolic resin worktop with high chemical and heat resistance
  • Purpose built light box external to airflow, preventing any corrosion and minimizing turbulence
  • Counterbalanced sash assembly for years of trouble free use
  • Tempered safety glass with Easygrip® hand rail
  • Stainless steel airfoil designed to maximize air sweep of work surface

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Dimensions, mm (LxWxH)
Including base cabinet

1220mm x 850mm x 2360mm 1520mm x 850mm x 2360mm 1820mm x 850mm x 2360mm
Body Phenolic resin & electrogalvanised steel with heavy epoxy powder coated finish, single layer design
Worktop Dished phenolic resin, grey with marine edge
Inner Liner & Baffle Stainless Steel
Airfoil Stainless Steel

Design to meet & exceed ASHRAE 110-95
Design velocity requirements
12 months warranty

  • 1 Pre Plumbed Cold Water Remote & water outlet
  • 1 Pre plumbed Gas Valve
  • 1 Twin 13 Amp Switch socket outlets (BS)
  • 1 PP Cup Sink
  • Fan ON/OFF switch
  • Light ON/OFF switch
Base Epoxy powder coated steel construction
Duct Collar 200 mm 250 mm 300 mm
Design Velocity 0.5 m/s at 500mm sash height
Extract Volume at 500 mm Height Sash Opening 1088 CMH 1350 CMH 1620 CMH


Side View

AmanAire Fume Hood

Front View

AmanAire Fume Hood
  1. Duct Collar
  2. External Light Box
  3. Water Tap
  4. Gas Tap
  5. PP Cup Sink
  6. Water Remote
  7. Fan Switch
  8. Tempered Glass
  9. Twin Socket 13A
  10. Light Switch
  11. Service Compartment
  12. Castor Wheels (Optional)
  13. Front Panel
  14. Base Cabinet