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We strive for the right solution in creating a design that is functional and also tailored for the client's own preferences. A design that improves not just the looks of the surroundings but also the lives of the people in it. We believe in making the world a better place one space at a time.

R & D

  • Analysis
  • Identifying Key Requirements
  • Research
  • Developing Ideas
  • Design Production
  • Generating Ideas
  • Testing The Design
  • Evaluating The Design
  • Implementation




Gathering information about the project area and space and determine key factors that will help in the design-making process.

At Advancelab we believe that quality control is essential to realising a successful design that satisfy both the client and end user. Our design approach is to make sure that everything is questioned and therefore quality checked, indeed it would fair to say that our Quality policy is built-in with the design process itself.

We are dedicated to keeping the highest standard of Safety. Keeping all measures necessary to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the project. We make sure everyone is informed about proper Health and Safety matters and that everyone complies with all rules and requirements.