Fume Hoods

Polypropylene Fume Hood


Laboratory fume hoods or fume cupboards represent the primary line of defense for personnel against exposure to harmful, toxic and dangerous fumes or chemicals as they are produced.

“Fume hoods are essentially aerodynamic scavenging devices that remove dangerous fumes from a laboratory and expel it into the environment where it is sufficiently diluted to no longer pose a health risk.”

Advancelab Laboratory fume hoods have been manufactured to provide the highest levels of safety for laboratory personnel. Fume hoods when sized with an appropriate chemical resistant centrifugal exhaust fan will protect laboratory staff from exposure to harmful fumes. Please contact our distributors or offices to help or design an efficient exhaust system.


Polyproplyene Fume Hood
  • Double layered design
  • Aerodynamic front fascia
  • Fully welded polypropylene construction
  • Polypropylene inner liner
  • Dished epoxy resin worktop with high chemical and heat resistance, black
  • Purpose built light box external to airflow, preventing any corrosion and minimizing turbulence
  • Electronic light ballast for flicker free usage and user eye comfort
  • Counterbalanced sash assembly for years of trouble free use
  • Tempered safety glass with Easygrip® hand rail
  • 2 side access panels built into inner liner for future addition of utilities
  • Polypropylene airfoil designed to maximize air sweep of work surface
  • All fume hoods comply to exhaust requirements and face velocity test as per ASHRAE 110-95; when ordered with control systems, units also comply to BS 7258 and EN 14175

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Dimensions, mm (LxWxH)

Including base cabinet

1220 mm x 920mm x 2420mm 1520mm x 920mm x 2420mm 1820mm x 920mm x 2420mm 2420mm x 920mm x 2420mm
Body Full Polypropylene (PP) hot weld construction
Worktop Dished epoxy resin, black with marine edge
Inner Liner & Baffle Polypropylene
Airfoil Polypropylene
Standards Complied

ASHRAE 110-95
BS 7258 (with Optional Controller)
EN 14175 (with Optional Controller)

  • 1 Pre Plumbed Cold Water Remote
  • 1 Pre plumbed Gas Remote
  • 2 x Pre wired 13 Amp Switch socket outlets (BS)
  • 1 PP Cup Sink
  • Fan ON/OFF switch
  • Light ON/OFF switch
Base Standard Polypropylene base cabinet
Duct Collar 200 mm 250 mm 300 mm 300 mm x 2
Design Velocity 0.5 m/s at 500mm sash height
Extract Volume at 500 mm Height Sash Opening 1188 CMH 1512 CMH 1836 CMH 2481 CMH


Top View

Polyproplyene Fume Hood

Side View

Polyproplyene Fume Hood

Front View

Polyproplyene Fume Hood
  1. PVC Exhaust Collar
  2. Electrical Junction Box
  3. External Light Box
  4. Side Access Panel
  5. Polypropylene Airfoil
  6. Removable Front Panel
  7. Tempered Glass Sash
  8. PP Cup Sink
  9. Epoxy Resin Worktop
  10. Fan ON/OFF Switch
  11. Light ON/OFF Switch
  12. Gas Fixture Remote
  13. Water Fixture Remote
  14. Gas Faucet
  15. Water Faucet
  16. Electrical Outlets

Options and Accessories



  • Polypropylene
  • PVDF
 Work Top
  • Epoxy Resin, USA (Standard)
  • Polypropylene
  • PVDF
Inner Liner Construction
  • Polypropylene
  • PVDF
Distillation Grid
  • Aluminium
  • SS 304
  • SS 316
  • Drip Cup
    - Polypropylene(Standard)
  • Custom Sink (
    - Polypropylene (Hot Weld Construction)
Microprocessor Airflow Alarm
  • Digital Display with Alarm
  • Digital Display with Alarm & VAV/VSD Output
  • Compressed Air (CA)
  • Oxygen (02)
  • Distilled Water (DI)
  • Vacuum (Vac)
  • Nitrogen (N2)
ExProof Configurations
  • Ex proof lights
  • Ex proof on/off switch
  • Ex proof Electrical Sockets
  • Ex proof electrical junction box

*Please advise factory of details required*