Tapware we use are designed and developed to meet the requirements of modern laboratories and are specifically for use with potable water supply. Made of solid brass pressings alongside high quality brass tubes, both closely monitored by the Quality Control department to ensure problem free machining. Brass parts are CNC machined to close tolerances to ensure product quality and are in line with international standards. Joints are brazed using 40% silver, giving strength and enhancing appearance.

All the water fittings use brass headwork to give longer lasting operation. Handles are ergonomically designed and injection moulded in chemical resistant polypropylene in accordance to DIN colour code standards. Each and every water fittings undergo state of the art hydrostatic testing at 10 bar (145 psi) to ensure product quality and leakage free operation. All laboratory fittings are tested to BS EN 5412 : 1996 which include Water Tightness & Pressure Resistance. Mechanical Strength Mechanical Endurance Test Salt Spray Test (BS EN 248 : 2002) WELS Toxicity Test (SS 375 : 2001) Metal Extraction (AS/NZS 4020 : 2005)

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Water Tap


Model Imange Description
1 Way Water Faucet

Model: ADBM104 - 3B1

Bench Mount, Swivel Neck &
Fixed Nozzle.

Weight: 1.18 kg

2 Way Water Faucet

Model: ADBM110 - 3B1

Bench Mount & Fixed

Weight: 1.45 kg

3 Way Water Faucet

Model: ADBM106 - 5B1

Bench Mount, Swivel
Neck & Fixed Nozzle.

Weight: 2.18 kg

Gas Tap





1 Way Bench Gas Valve

Model: ADOM010 NG

Lift & Turn Operation & Fixed Nozzle

Weight: 0.65 kg

2 Way 90˚ Bench Gas Valve

Model: ADOM020 NG

Lift & Turn Operation & Fixed Nozzle

Weight: 0.83 kg

2 Way 180˚ Bench Gas Valve

Model: ADOM025 NG

Lift & Turn Operation & Fixed Nozzle

Weight: 0.81 kg


Fume Hood Fittings





Penal Water Control Valve

Model: ADBM112 CT

600mm x 10mm o.d Copper Tube

Weight: 0.99 kg

1 Way 110mm Wall Water Outlet

Model: ADBM113 - 0A1

Fixed Nozzle

Weight: 0.36 kg

Penal Gas Control Valve

Model: ADBM212 CT


600mm x 10mm o.d Copper Tube (Technical Gas)

Weight: 0.78 kg


1 Way 45º Wall Gas Outlet

Model: ADBM213 - 1


Fixed Nozzle

Weight: 0.32 kg

Sanitary Ware





Polypropylene Lab Sink


AD401 Lab Sink

AD505 Lab Sink

AD808 Lab Sink


420mm x 320mm x 215mm

552mm x 400mm x 235mm

560mm x 355mm x 230mm


Polypropylene Drip Cup


Our oval-shaped drip cups are commonly used on work-tops of fume hoods. Injection moulded from polypropylene co-polymer resin. Supplied complete with back-nut.

Weight: 0.28 kg

Polypropylene Dilution Tank

Model: AD250 PPDT


Dilution tanks are designed to receive, dilute, and neutralize corrosive and harmful chemical wastes before allowing such material to be discharged into the public sewers or environment

250mm x 300mm x 250mm 

Diameter: 250mm


Polypropylene Bottle Trap

Model: AD88 Bottle Trap

Injection moulded from polypropylene co-polymer resin, this bottle trap inlet is adjustable, 40mm to 100mm to accomodate varying height differences for connection to outlet. Suitable to be used with Vulcathene or equivalent chemical waste discharge pipe system.

Weight: 0.27 kg

Polyethylene Drying Rack

Model: AD 450 Drying Rack

High impact Polyethylene drying rack. The back plate of the 72 place support is made from a single mould of 4 mm rigid HIPS. The peg sockets have closed ends eliminating leakage and consequent biohazards. The seamless drip channel collects waste which drains via drain tube provided.

Dimension: 450mm x 630mm x 110mm